Bruce Gibson: Love & Lust & Hopes & Dreams & Fears

Bruce Gibson is a singer-songwriter in the contemporary americana folk style but with a real rock sensibility. His music is authentic and relevant with a blend of lyric and rhythm that is as personally relatable as it is turn up the volume and groove.

“Artists who make music like this are special.”

"A definite knack for songwriting." "Meaningful, personal."

"Hooray! A songwriter whose songs I understand and enjoy."

"Truly heartfelt tunes.... Bruce Gibson sings with conviction as he pours his heart out."

Bruce's sophomore album Moments in Between includes fully produced electric tracks such as Like Sonny Liston, Soldier On, and What I Don't Know. You'll also hear stripped down heart-stirring confessional acoustic tracks such as Quiet Heart, Small Hotel, and Light of Day. This second album is in final mixing and planned for release mid-summer 2015.

Some early reactions to the new album:

“There is a certain mastery of how everything all seems to come together.”
“Makes me remember happy times that I had.”
“It makes you want to get up and dance.”
“I praise the vocals. The vocals are seriously tuneful.”
“Real American folk feel to it”
“Authentic music — something that is lacking these days.”
“The radio needs more stuff like this.”
“His voice gives the song soul, and all the instruments bring it all together.”
“An old fashioned feel with a modern edge.”
“Vocals have an honesty that is apparent and endearing. You can hear the heartbreak in his voice, which is touching.”

Bruce’s first album "Love & Lust & Hopes & Dreams & Fears" is available at iTunes (singer songwriter > Bruce Gibson),, Amazon, and other online retailers. The single Holding On from this album was on a radio playlist in the UK in summer 2011.


Session with photographer Michael Pugh

~ May 31 2015 12:00 AM (Central Mountain Time)

Photographer Michael Pugh directs a shoot at the Canton Theater.

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Going back to Basecamp to record Album #2!

~ October 15 2014 12:00 AM (Central Mountain Time)

In October 2014, I spent a week back in Bozeman Montana with producer Chris Cunningham.

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August 25: BGB and friends are bringing music to the celebration for Buckhead Christian Ministry's Community Service Day!

~ July 28 2012 12:00 AM (Central Mountain Time)

BGB and friends are bringing music to the celebration for Buckhead Christian Ministry's Community Service Day! Join the fun in the Chastain Park Green Lot from 11am - 2PM.

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Introducing BGB

~ June 1 2012 12:00 AM (Central Mountain Time)

The Bruce Gibson Band delivers original singer-songwriter Americana folk rock with honesty and passion. Bruce pounds out a driving rhythm on his acoustic and sings with conviction as he pours his heart out through his songs. BGB is a group of seasoned professionals who share music through eclectic instrumentation. BGB performances place the listener and the artist in intimate conversations that build with layered instrumentation and honest harmonies.

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I opened up for Storyhill!

~ January 13 2012 12:00 AM (Central Mountain Time)

I opened with two songs for Storyhill last night at an Atlanta house concert. t's always so great to see and hear Chris and Johnny, and what an honor to open up for the show.

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